Web Design That Speaks To Your Customers

We craft beautiful websites that connect with your customers. We make responsive web designs with SEO and powerful lead generators.

Web Design That Speaks To Your Customers
Modern Responsive Web Design
Fast Turnaround
Low-Upfront Costs

The Real Cost Of Bad Website Design

A website that lacks clarity is costing you a great deal. A bad web design can be the difference between success and failure for your business.

Transform Your Web Design In 3 Steps

Outsourcing your website with us is not complicated.

Schedule A Call

On the phone, we will have a strategy session to determine your business goals and if we are the right fit for you.

Choose A Plan

After your strategy session, we will create a couple of package options that will help your business reach your goals.

Enjoy Results

Investments take time, but you won’t have to wait months to see results. In a matter of weeks, you will see progress toward your goals.

Elevate performance and be confident in your website design with KOER Media.

Websites That Speak To Customers
Websites That Speak To Customers

Unlike other agencies, we work with you to create marketing messages on your website that your customers will connect with and want to read. This helps you convert visitors into not only customers but brand advocates.

A Modern Web Design
A Modern Web Design

We provide you with a website that you will make you want to sit down and refresh it, over and over again. With the combination of modern web design and website messaging that sells, success is inevitable.

Quick Turnaround for Web Design
Quick Turnaround

We won’t waste your time–our sites take between 3-6 weeks to complete. You can track the progress and watch your site come alive.

We don’t just care about your online performance. We care about your offline results.

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Don't worry about your website design and be confident with the creative team at KOER Media.

Since the COVID-19 shutdowns began, stories of small businesses permanently closing has become common. Having peace of mind with significant investments like your website has never been more critical. 

Choosing the wrong web designer can cost you thousands. Many talented people are astonishingly unprofessional. 

Our clients have told stories of web design agencies taking too long, not focusing on their needs, or even worse ripping them off and stealing their money.

They have also shared about trying to save money by hiring a college student or using an online service like Wix or Squarespace. These projects ended with the client coming to us to fix the mess. 

We identified major problems through these stories. 

For starters, most people have never learned how to write copy or a compelling sales pitch. We have. We take your message and create a compelling marketing strategy that engages your customers. 

Next, we heard how important time is to a business. Launching a site on-time and keeping to a schedule is very important. Being lackadaisical is not excellent customer service. Most of our competitors don’t have a comprehensive process. We do. We dedicate ourselves to your project. We finish every site in 4-6 weeks with a detailed timeline to follow along.

Finally, we realized some problems are coding related. While some do-it-yourself templates work for some people, our clients trust us to build something better. It’s not uncommon to find errors and design flaws with website templates. That’s why we make 100% custom designs tailored to your brand and business goals. 

We offer two web design products:

Flat-Rate: Our flat-rate plans include everything you need for a stunning website. Up to 10 pages, logo, branding, design, marketing message, search engine optimization, and more. These sites cost $8,000. You may add e-commerce to sell any products directly through your website for $2,000.

Monthly Subscription: Our website subscriptions are for small businesses. These are smaller sites, but harness the same power as our flat-rate option. For $400/mo, you will get a 4-page custom website with the same features as our flat-rate sites. Plus, we include super-fast managed hosting! A 1-year commitment is required.

We stand by four guarantees:

  • Marketing Clarity
  • Fresh Design (Fully-Responsive)
  • Fast-Turnaround
  • Lightning Fast Load Speeds

The impact of COVID-19 has made protecting your investment more important than ever before. We may be a little more expensive, but you will be thrilled with the results!

Frequently asked questions about our digital marketing services.

What if I’m not sure which services are best for my business?

No worries. Digital marketing can be confusing and stressful without adequate experience and knowledge. That’s where we come in, send us an email and we will work with you to gain clarity on which digital marketing channels are right for your business.

How is your pricing calculated?

Our pricing is based on numerous factors. Here are the main categories:

  • Scope of Services 
  • Type of Content Designs
  • Industry

How do I know if KOER Media is the right fit for my business?

We think your business is too valuable for bad marketing. 

If you want to save time and be confident in your digital marketing team, KOER Media is right for your business. 

You could work with another agency and question daily if those likes you’re investing in will ever pay off. 

But with KOER Media, we don’t just care about your online performance. We care about your offline results.

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