Our Web Design Process

Your new site is 4-6 weeks away. Here's how we do it.​

Phase 1


Step 1: Get A Quote

Not sure what you need? No problem. Our pricing makes it simple to get a flat-rate quote for your project. Once your quote is locked in, it doesn't change. We have no hidden fees or additional hours added. If you choose to integrate third-party vendors on your site like MailChimp, Stripe, etc. they may charge additional fees.

Step 2: Sign Contract

Once we have agreed to terms, both parties are required to sign a digital contract for the project. We keep things simple and leave the jargon out of it.

Step 3: Pay Deposit

There is a $4,000 payment due to begin; this is non-refundable. Your website must be paid-in-full before launch. For projects larger than $8k, we require payments in between Step 5 and Step 6. Please see contract for details.

Phase 2


Step 4: Establish Goals

Are you trying to get away from an ugly, old design? Are you tired of downtime, maintenance, and updates? What are your marketing goals for your new site? Does your website work on mobile devices? Site going slow? Low conversion rates costing you sales? We ask the questions that clarify what you need on your new website, what you do, who you do it for, and your design style is so that your brand will pop.

Step 5: Content Development

We're not your average web designers. We're valuable partners for your business who understand how to deliver a compelling message to your online customers. At this time, we'll need you the most. We'll need you to provide messaging for every page of the site. Our marketing experts will help you plan pages and edit your message for the best user flow that creates sales.

Step 6: Design & Development

Before we start on the computer, we'll hone in on your design direction. Once we know what you need, we'll begin creating and curating the ingredients for good web design–illustrations, photos, fonts, and colors.

We don't do endless wireframes or mockups. Instead, we start creating online. We set up a temporary domain where you can view all the live progress. That means you'll have no downtime with your current site while we are creating your new one. Most feedback and revisions take place after we begin designing your new homepage. Finally, we design and develop the rest of the pages, including the blog and any product pages.

Phase 3


Step 7: Approve Design

We will test everything to verify all contact forms, integrations, and email addresses work correctly. We ensure every page is responsive and works on phones, tablets, and desktops without issue. When we finish these tests, we will ask you for final approval on the entire project. At this time, we will also invoice the final payment. When payment is received, we will continue to step eight.

Step 8: Launch Website

Your new site is ready for take-off. We point the site to your real domain name, and your site will be live. (If you don't have a domain name, we can help you set one up with no additional cost.)

Step 9: Training

Finally, after your website is live to the public, we'll show you how easy it is to update, edit, and change yourself. We'll send you training videos and documents that will help you edit text and images, post new blogs, add new products, and more.