HOW TO: Beat The Facebook Algorithm In 2021

It’s nearly impossible to see results on Facebook without using your wallet unless you use these tips.

68% of Americans use Facebook. It is the primary platform your business needs to have a presence on. Unfortunately, Facebook presents many challenges to businesses.

You can’t expect success anymore from Facebook if you are only posting content. The main problem is only 10% of your audience will organically see your posts. It is one of the toughest digital marketing codes to crack. 

How The Facebook Algorithm Works

The algorithm currently ranks the posts each user sees in the order that they’re likely to enjoy them, based on a variety of factors, a.k.a ranking signals.

Ranking signals are data points about a user’s past behavior and the behavior of everyone else on the platform.

For instance: are people sharing this post with their friends? How often do you like posts from your boss? From your mom? Do you often watch live videos? What’s your favorite Group? How many posts are available for you to look at, right now? 

In 2020, Facebook mentioned three major categories of ranking signals:

  • Who a user typically interacts with
  • The type of media in the post (eg., video, link, photo, etc.)
  • The popularity of the post

(Graphic from Hootsuite)

Tips For Posting on Facebook

1. Create conversations

You need to make conversations on your Facebook posts the goal. This will result in your followers sharing and tagging friends and family – which will dramatically increase the reach of your posts.

Don’t create a couple of questions and just copy and paste one to the end of your posts. It MUST be a contextual question based on the post and content.

2. Post-high-quality videos longer than 3 minutes.

In 2019, Facebook announced that it would increase the influence and reach of quality, original videos. Create videos that are longer than 3 minutes and retain viewers past the 1-minute mark.

To retain viewers you need a hook in the first 5 seconds of the video. Give them a reason to stick around and see how it finishes.

3. Leverage Groups that are relevant to your target audience

For the last two years, Facebook has been pushing Groups. If they want you to use it, then that’s where you need to be.

Don’t go join hundreds of groups, go find the 2-5 groups that are the most relevant to your target audience and engage with them there.

Don’t sell, have genuine conversations. Also, creating a group has massive potential for lead generation and increasing brand awareness, if done correctly.

What It Means For Your Business

You need to be creative and use the platform the way Facebook wants you to if you want a shot at organic growth; And if you want you to harness the full potential of Facebook you need to be spending on ads.

A strategic paid media campaign on Facebook can make one of the biggest impacts on your business. In fact, is Facebook has the best audience targeting in all of digital advertising. A bad strategy can be very costly, but with the right social media marketing team, there is an opportunity for massive returns on investment.

Are you wasting time on Facebook trying to grow organically?

Creating a complete and detailed digital marketing plan might seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be that way. Using our guide below you can have a complete digital marketing plan that you can be confident in overnight.

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