HOW TO: Set Social Media Marketing Goals Worth Investing In

Without social media marketing goals, you won’t drive offline business results.

A social media marketing plan without specific goals is a recipe for failure. Choosing the right goals for your social media starts with determining what type of return on investment you want. Social media doesn’t always lend itself to immediate monetary success.

Instead, an investment in social media takes time to develop online relationships with your audience. Over the lifetime of your social media effort, you should see a great monetary benefit. So, while we all want immediate revenue growth – that expectation may lead you to disappointment.

Choose Your Broad Primary Goal

The goals we recommend to our clients are Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, and Conversions. These three groups allow you to track the entire progression of your customer’s relationship with your business.

Brand Awareness

If your business isn’t well known, these are the type of ads you need to run first. These ads have one purpose, let your target audience know who you are and how you can make their life better.

Lead Generation

So your business now has a good level of awareness. Now you need to move into generating leads that you can continue to market through email marketing and retargeting campaigns. Lead generation ads will advertise your lead generator with the goal of getting sign-ups and increasing your email list.


You can use digital advertising to link straight to your store and attempt to convert your ad into revenue. This is most effective when you already have a lot of data about your target audience. (Email List, Leads, etc) However if you jump straight to this step you risk losing a lot of cash for little results.

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Setting SMART goals

Here’s where we get into the nitty-gritty.

Once you’ve gotten your big-picture goals figured out, it’s time to outline your SMART social media objectives.
The SMART goal-setting framework is insanely popular and we can’t recommend it enough for social marketers.

In case you aren’t familiar SMART is an acronym for:

  • Specific: Your goals should be clear, simple, and defined.
  • Measurable: This is where analytics come in. You want a goal that has one or more metrics.
  • Achievable: Is it achievable or is it not possible within your resources?
  • Realistic: With your current resources of time and money, is it possible to achieve your goals?
  • Time-sensitive: Every goal needs a time frame, whether it’s one year or several months.

See how that works? This approach to goal-setting results in direct action that’s backed up by data. Now lets take it one step further.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Because social media is complex and complicated, having Key Performance Indicators is a simple way to evaluate your progress. As mentioned above, depending on your industry, your investment into social media may not see an immediate financial impact. This is especially true for businesses that do not sell products or services directly from their website.

For example, a good social media campaign for a restaurant will bring new customers in to eat. But it may be hard to calculate those customers without a coupon or promotion offered only to social users.

The theory with KPIs is that we can track content performance and better understand what is happening from our social marketing efforts. If your business is online, this becomes a much easier task with pixels and cookies that track sales, leads, and other important information that determine your monetary ROI.

ReachImpressionsWebsite TrafficCost-Per-LeadCost-Per-Click
FollowersEngagementSalesCustomer Lifetime ValueCost-Per-Conversion
SharesMentionsLead Conversion RateProfile VisitsEmail Sign-ups


1. Brand Awareness2. Lead Generation3. Conversions
ReachWebsite TrafficCost-Per-Conversion
SharesLead Magnet DownloadsLead Conversion Rate
Profile VisitsCost-Per-LeadClick-Through Rate
ImpressionsEmail Sign-upsCustomer Lifetime Value

What are your social media goals?

Goal-setting is the common trait between marketers who are successful on social media. Because they know what they want their campaigns to look like. And they know the exact steps to take to make them happen.

“From brand awareness to conversions and beyond; Setting specific social media marketing goals sets your
business apart.”

Creating a complete and detailed digital marketing plan might seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be that way. Using our guide below you can have a complete digital marketing plan that you can be confident in overnight


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