HOW TO: Create Scroll-Stopping Social Media Content in 3 Steps

Monotonous social media content could be costing you countless shares, follows, and sales.

Creating content for social media is easy. However, if you want consistent posts that drive business results you need to be intentional and have a process. At KOER Media, we use these three steps daily to create scroll-stopping content for businesses like yours.

 1. Add Value 

We see many businesses like yours use social media to only announce sales and promotions. That is an ineffective strategy. While there is nothing wrong with announcing a sale or promotion – posting a direct sale on social media requires you to add value.

So, what does adding value mean? It’s simply positioning the content in a way that enhances the audience’s life. In our example below, a fitness center is offering a free week trial for new clients. Stating the fact of your deal isn’t going to provide offline results for your business.

We are having a special! Free week trial for new clients at Fitness 24/7.

Wish you could do more before getting exhausted?Feel fit again with Fitness 24/7! Train at our fantastic facility for an entire week at NO CHARGE!Check out our website to sign up today!

A simple adjustment to an otherwise dull sales message is the difference between your audience listening or ignoring your content and, in this example, speaking to the audience who are tired of feeling out of shape and want to look like the aspirational individual in the new picture.

2. Frequency & Consistency

How often should I be posting on social media? The short answer is every day. The long answer depends on your industry, which social networks you’re using, and who your target audience is. At a minimum, you should post multiple times a week with unique content on each social media platform.

Myth – “If we post every day, our audience will unfollow our brand.”

When you post, on any platform, all of your followers won’t see it. Especially on Facebook, their algorithm has made it so only 10% of your followers will see your posts organically. Successful brands post multiple times a day to increase the likelihood of their followers seeing their posts. Also remember, if you are posting valuable content that isn’t always asking them to do something, your target audience won’t unfollow. 

Remember, social media is about getting the right followers, not the most followers.

Posting multiple times a week increases the chance that your audience becomes customers when you consistently post valuable content. Focus on creating clear, consistent content with added value as frequently as possible. Being successful on social media isn’t about being perfect, it’s about addressing the problems you solve for your audience as often as possible.

3. Creativity Matters

Creativity is what sets your content apart. 90% of social media content isn’t creative and valuable. When you consistently create content that combines creativity and value, your target audience can’t help but stop-scrolling.

Creativity is hard to teach but rather is learned through hours of practice. Here are a few things to remember:

Set time aside for creativity

If you only schedule a few minutes to create a post, you will rarely produce a creative, valuable piece of content. Allowing time for being creative and thinking through multiple possibilities, typically yields a much higher quality post. 

Do you schedule enough time for creativity in your content creation?

Brainstorm with others

Whenever possible, schedule time to brainstorm with at least one member of your team. Sit down with a notepad or whiteboard and brainstorm 10-20 creative ideas for content. I have learned that being creative with another person, creates a much higher quantity and quality product. 

Being creative isn’t easy.

Some business owners are trying to do social media by themselves when they aren’t a creative person by nature. This is a recipe for frustration and burnout. Finding someone on your team that can help with creating creative content is extremely helpful. If possible, find a creative person who understands social media. 

“When you consistently create content that combines creativity and value, your target audience can’t help but stop-scrolling.”

Creating a complete and detailed digital marketing plan might seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be that way. Using our guide below you can have a complete digital marketing plan that you can be confident in all in under an hour.


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