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Jeremy Koering

Founding Partner


At KOER Media, we know how small businesses struggle to manage their digital brand. We have a driven digital marketing team that uses bold, cost-effective strategies so their business online can thrive and grow their companies.​

Many small businesses struggle to manage their digital brand because other tasks have gotten in the way. When small businesses are busy in the real world, they hurt their chances of growing their company online. 

Our agency provides small businesses with a driven digital marketing team that empowers the company’s online brand to thrive and increase revenue. 

KOER Media exists because small businesses are more likely to succeed when they have a motivated digital marketing team supporting them.

our team

Sam Van Boxtel

Partner / Strategy

Justen Martian


Sarah Thompson


Our KOER Traits


We are problem solvers. We find innovative solutions to complex problems.


We want to inspire our community by sharing creative content.


We are fueled by our passion to see small businesses in our community thrive.

Our KOER Disciplines

Listen To Customers

We understand and recognize what our customers need.

Brainstorm Together

We use cost-effective strategies to lead the best plan of attack.

Create Content

We create brilliant content that helps other small businesses succeed.

If small businesses have a powerful digital marketing team, they are more likely to thrive.