6 Quick Tips To Improve Your Website In 2021

Execute these 6 quick tips to improve your website and see quick results. Your website is your greatest marketing asset.

You deserve a website that speaks to your customers and drives them to action. 

I spent countless hours researching hundreds of websites for local small businesses. I was trying to find the most common mistakes that might be costing them conversions, leads, and sales.

Over 80% of the websites I looked at had at least one of the following mistakes. Is your website holding back your business?

1. Unclear Messaging 

Your website’s copywriting must be clear. 

You need to speak like a caveman. The simple fact is that if you confuse, you lose. Here’s what we mean–let’s use a scale of 1-10, one being a caveman and ten being an educated expert, most websites talk to their customers at a level of seven or eight. 

For example, if we wanted to sell you a website, saying things like “We use the latest WordPress technologies that use PHP, jQuery, and Javascript languages on servers with the best database infrastructure.” we’re probably going to confuse you. Instead, if we said, “We make websites that sell your products.” you immediately know what we do and why we do it.

Simplifying things may seem arbitrary, but many business leaders are too close to their products and speak over their customers’ heads. The more you clarify your website’s marketing, the better chance you have to engage your customers and produce a sale. Always simplify, remove text, and be clear on every web page. 

We wrote an article on this topic – Website Copywriting 101

2. Doesn’t Work On Phone

Your site must work on all phones, tablets, and devices. People make the majority of their purchase decisions on their phones. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling food, physical goods, services, or anything else, people use their phones to research before they buy. Search engines like Google will ignore your site if it doesn’t work on all devices and remove your business from their search results.

3. Slow Load Time

Your website must load quickly. Customers will give your website five seconds before moving on to a competitor’s website. If you do not capture their attention before then, you’ve lost the sale. A slow website can interrupt your ability to gain the attention your business needs to generate sales. 

Site speed plays a role in your site’s search engine results. A faster website will rank higher, producing more traffic for your business. We use super-fast hosting provided by Kinsta for our clients. Kinsta provides reliable cloud-based hosting that is lightning quick, allowing our clients to capture more attention. Test your site’s speed and make sure it loads in under two seconds – Test Your Website Speed

4. No Call-To-Action

Without a call-to-action, your website visitors won’t know what you want them to do. You need to actually ask the girl out; if you don’t ever put the call-to-action on your page, you won’t get the girl. Without this step, you will force all potential customers to burn a lot of calories thinking about what you want them to do; and shortly after, they will just leave.

Above the fold of your website, every business should have a call-to-action for their site visitors. On the rest of your homepage, you should use the call-to-action early and often. 

5. Outdated Website

With a modern design, customers will know your business is serious about your products. An out of touch website says “buyer beware” to customers–particularly younger audiences, aged 18-34. It is vital to update your website’s design every couple of years. We recommend a redesign every two years to maintain an edge over your competition.

Our article on this topic – 3 Things Every Website Needs

6. Security Certificate Error

First off, if your site shows and insecure on Google, your ranking and visibility will suffer dramatically. Google doesn’t want to send someone to a website that they don’t think is secure.

Secondly, You want to keep your investment as secure as possible. You must have security measures in place to protect your assets, your customers’ information, and make sure your site is never down. We ensure every one of our clients’ sites has automatic daily backups, strong firewalls, and user protection against brute force attacks. 

We use Kinsta because they provide safety nets for our clients that protect their greatest digital marketing assets. 

Does Your Website Need A Redesign?

How much is your poor website costing you?

If your site fits into one of the categories above, it’s probably time to refresh and redesign your website. A website that is full of these mistakes could be costing you thousands of dollars. 

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