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We craft beautiful, easy-to-use, websites that connect with your customers to grow your business.

Professional Web Design Services
Professional Web Design Services
Professional Web Design Services

Why KOER Is Different

Marketing Clarity Guarantee

If you confuse, you lose. Our sites are designed to share your message with clarity. Unlike other agencies, we have an in-house marketing team that helps you craft an engaging message. We aim to increase your sales and grow your business by helping your customers fall in love with your products and brand.

Fast-Turnaround Guarantee

We don't waste time. Your site will take 4-6 weeks to complete. However, this really depends on your feedback and revisions. The faster the initial messaging is provided and the designs and marketing are approved, the faster your new site will be completed.

Fresh Design Guarantee

Our sites are 100% custom-made for your brand. We believe your business is worth more than a cookie-cutter template. You will work with a web designer that is dedicated to your project. Your site will be responsive to work flawlessly across all desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. We guarantee you'll love the design of your new website!

Lightning Fast Guarantee

We design websites for speed. We guarantee your site will load quickly! Research shows that conversion rates and site engagement drop significantly the longer a site takes to load. With a lightning-fast website, you will increase your sales.

Web Design Testimonial from Andy Ziesemer, A Jesus Mission

We have loved working with KOER Media on multiple projects. They take their involvement far beyond where a normal agency would, and have helped push our brands to the next level.

Andy Ziesemer

President, A Jesus Mission


KOER Media has proven to be creative, forward-thinking allies, staying true to the vision presented to them, all the while sharpening and maximizing the effectiveness of each project.

Tim Hall

Airplay Weekly

Website Design Testimonial from Tim Hall, Airplay Weekly

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Branded Web Design

Stop losing customers

because of a bad website

Clear Message

Responsive Design


Web Design Pricing

Modern websites crafted to your goals. Flexible price options including flat-rate and subscriptions. No surprise fees.


Branded Website Design

1 Year Warrenty


Fully Responsive



UX Sitemap Planning


Search Engine Optimization

Custom 404 Page


Privacy Policy Page

Terms of Use Page


3 Months Managed Hosting

* A price of 8k covers the vast majority of websites of up to 10 pages. Blog/product pages do not count toward page limit and are included. If your project is larger (or requires very advanced functionality) please contact us for a custom quote.


Website subscription

Maximize your capital with a web design subscription. Plans include a custom website with 4 pages with all the same features as our flat-rate. 

* Subscriptions require a 1-year contract. Your subscription includes managed hosting for up to 20k visits/mo. You may add e-commerce to your subscription for $200/mo.


Add E-Commerce

Includes Woocommerce Setup & Storefront Design


Add hosting

Fully-Managed WordPress Hosting

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Your website is a massive business investment. Choosing the wrong website design agency can cost you thousands.

invest with peace of mind

Since the COVID-19 shutdowns began, stories of small businesses permanently closing has become common. Having peace of mind with significant investments like your website has never been more critical. 

Choosing the wrong web designer can cost you thousands. Many talented people are astonishingly unprofessional. 

Our clients have told stories of web design agencies taking too long, not focusing on their needs, or even worse ripping them off and stealing their money.

They have also shared about trying to save money by hiring a college student or using an online service like Wix or Squarespace. These projects ended with the client coming to us to fix the mess. 

We identified major problems through these stories. 

For starters, most people have never learned how to write copy or a compelling sales pitch. We have. We take your message and create a compelling marketing strategy that engages your customers. 

Next, we heard how important time is to a business. Launching a site on-time and keeping to a schedule is very important. Being lackadaisical is not excellent customer service. Most of our competitors don’t have a comprehensive process. We do. We dedicate ourselves to your project. We finish every site in 4-6 weeks with a detailed timeline to follow along.

Finally, we realized some problems are coding related. While some do-it-yourself templates work for some people, our clients trust us to build something better. It’s not uncommon to find errors and design flaws with website templates. That’s why we make 100% custom designs tailored to your brand and business goals. 

We offer two web design products:

Flat-Rate: Our flat-rate plans include everything you need for a stunning website. Up to 10 pages, logo, branding, design, marketing message, search engine optimization, and more. These sites cost $8,000. You may add e-commerce to sell any products directly through your website for $2,000.

Monthly Subscription: Our website subscriptions are for small businesses. These are smaller sites, but harness the same power as our flat-rate option. For $400/mo, you will get a 4-page custom website with the same features as our flat-rate sites. Plus, we include super-fast managed hosting! A 1-year commitment is required.

We stand by four guarantees:

  • Marketing Clarity
  • Fresh Design (Fully-Responsive)
  • Fast-Turnaround
  • Lightning Fast Load Speeds

The impact of COVID-19 has made protecting your investment more important than ever before. We may be a little more expensive, but you will be thrilled with the results!

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Your website design will take 4-6 weeks to complete. However, this depends on your feedback. Revisions and edits can vary. The faster we receive the initial messaging and approval of the designs, the faster your website will be completed.

For flat-rate projects, we require 50% payment upfront and 50% when you’re delighted with your new site. We offer three months of free super-fast managed hosting. Once your three months are over, hosting is $50/month.

Our website subscription plans cost $400/mo and require a 12-month commitment with automatic billing. Your plan includes up to 4 pages with all the same features as our flat-rate sites. You may add e-commerce to your plan for an additional $200/mo. Super-fast managed hosting is included for up to 20k visitors/mo.

There are no hidden fees or surprises, but third-party service integrations like Mailchimp, Stripe, etc. may charge you fees.

Yes, but this is not recommended. Nobody knows your business better than you. In our process, we recommend that you write your own messaging. The more you can write about your business, the better the outcome. Our marketing experts will help sharpen the message and create a vibrant marketing strategy that engages your customers online.

Flat-rate sites: No problem! Migrating your new website design to a hosting provider of your choice is included at no additional cost. We host with Kinsta and highly recommend that you do the same.

Website subscriptions: We include super-fast WordPress hosting with your plan. You may migrate your website for free after your 1-year contract has expired.

Nobody can guarantee ranking in search engines. Any agency that says they can isn’t telling you the truth. There are two parts to search engine optimization–on-site and off-site.

We include on-site SEO on every website design we create. It’s critical search engines and social media can read and index your pages correctly. Our team will help you with keyword targeting and use SEO best practices to make sure each page on your site has the proper title, URL, keyword placement, heading tags, featured image, meta description, and image alt text. These are all factors that affect SEO.

Off-site SEO is about getting others to post links back to your site by creating and sharing great content. The more links pointing back to your website, the more relevant your site appears to search engines. We do not offer this with any of our sites. You’ll need our content marketing service.

Our web design includes unlimited revisions. We built our process from years of experience. We will help you design a website that is beautiful, functional, and speaks to your customers.

Your new site will be very easy to use. We use WordPress, Elementor, and Woocommerce to create easy to use websites. Shortly after your site’s launch, we’ll send you training video resources that show you how to edit text and images of each page, post blog posts, add new products, and more.

If you’re not comfortable making edits yourself, our team is available at $95/hour, billed hourly.

We have streamlined our methods into an efficient, creative process. We have been tweaking and fine-tuning our process since we opened in 2013, so it’s most useful for our clients (and ourselves). To learn more, check out our process page.

Unfortunately, we can’t. Our process is complex, and we cannot divide it into pieces. We can use the text, images, and relevant ideas, but we need to start the website design from the beginning to guarantee the level of quality our customers expect.