A creative media company.

KOER Media is a creative media company and brand storyteller. Founded in 2012 by Jeremy Koering, the growing media company now produces two original publications to an engaged digital audience and operates an in-house creative agency dedicated to designing excellence.


Advertising Agency & Brandy Storyteller

At KOER Creative, we use the power of creative graphic design to brand your story. We amplify and accelerate your brand’s story with social engagement. We tell your brand’s story through high-definition video and multi-media. We deliver your brand’s story using responsive, mobile-ready websites.

Vancouver Social

Engaging Clark County

Vancouver Social is pioneering social content in Vancouver, Washington. The news/media publication provides creative news, original stories, entertainment, and video. The creative content is designed to begin conversation and cause interaction with residents in Clark County, Washington.

Vegas eGuide

We Know What Happens.

Vegas eGuide is a digital travel magazine fueled by social media reaching a global audience. The publication provides the latest on Las Vegas including news, entertainment, and travel information.